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Top Father’s Ad Campaigns

Much is celebrated about Mothers and Mother’s Day, now it’s time Fathers also get their dose of appreciation for all that they do for their children. According to a recent study done by MDG Advertising, fathers don’t feel they are portrayed accurately in the media.  Ads tend to cling on to the traditional ideals and cultural norms of fatherhood, for instance, father-daughter relationship have more emotional overtones than father-son relationships. 73% of those surveyed said a “real father” knows how to express emotional support to his children. 74% of millennial fathers feel advertisers and marketers are “out of touch with modern family dynamics”. In order for brands to make a real connection to fathers, they must update the fatherhood image and better represent that in the digital space.

Below are the top campaigns that we find are heart-warming and accurately portrays the irreplaceable bond shared between father and children in the right light.


Carhartt, a men’s apparel brand, celebrates this day with a documentary-like campaign that features Jason Moma, and other fathers, talking about fatherhood. The short film effectively links the brand with the positive virtues of what it means to be a dad. We love that Carhartt reinforces the positive values of fatherhood by presenting inspirational and real father figures.


American Family Insurance (AmFam) cleverly conveys the importance of guarantee protection of the life of a child by showing how a father prepares for his child to dream fearlessly.  In order for the child to follow his passion, his dad equips him the ability to protect himself first, so that he can build up confidence to truly #DreamFearlessly.


Kleenex organized a Father’s Day surprise on Career Day for visiting fathers by having their children write special messages for their ‘heroes’ and reading them out loud in front of their class. This touching collage not only urge people everywhere to spread the love for dads on father’s day, Kleenex also managed to put some smiles on these father’s faces.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! 🙂

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