Marketing StrategySnapchat’s New Ad Campaign Focuses on Connecting Real Friends

Snapchat’s New Ad Campaign Focuses on Connecting Real Friends

Snapchat recently launched a major campaign that focuses on connecting friends and close relationships. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Snap was made to help people stay in touch with their close friends in a more intimate and less permanent way. As social media now shifts from public sharing to more private sharing, Snap is in a leading position in this trend.

Snap’s “Real Friends” promotion highlights the stories of Snap users who have been using the app to connect and build stronger relationships. This campaign also is “designed to elevate the power of friendship, and celebrate Snapchat as the best platform for communication and self expression with your real friends through the voice of Snapchatters and luminaries”, says a Snapchat representative. The campaign will showcase 12 individual stories in adorable Bitmoji format from different countries and viewers can see the short videos on Snap’s Youtube channel.

On top of video creation, Snap also spent big bucks on billboards that quotes 15 famous figures on their take on the definition of friendship. When Snapchat was launched seven years ago, it was winning by its creative filters, but now Snap is shifting their focus to friendships and connecting people around smaller, more meaningful moments. This also helps gear the direction of the social media movement to a more private, engaged and dedicated audience.

Of course, Snapchat could be misused in different ways, but the overall intention of Snap’s new campaign is structured to make dedicated political ad targeting more complicated while focusing on the more intimate communication instead of public broadcasting and oversharing.

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