Marketing StrategyMarketing During Covid-19

Marketing During Covid-19

Many business owners and marketers are finding themselves in a similar challenging situation from the coronavirus pandemic. As we learn to live in this new reality, this is the time to figure out how to adapt and identify digital marketing areas to focus on during crisis recovery. The most important question marketers are asking today is “How can I connect with my customers during a crisis?” Below are some tips to ensure that pandemic or not, marketing to your customers is always an important aspect of running your business.

       1. Reassure Your Customers 

In a time with so much uncertainty, your customers want to stay informed on what your brand is doing to stay afloat during this crisis. Reassure your customers about how you’re responding to the coronavirus and let them know through the following ways: post and communicate regularly on social media, send out email updates and add information on your website. For example, provide relevant information such as shipping delays or communicate how you’re keeping your customers and employees safe. When drafting your message, infuse empathy and be genuine to spread positivity.

    2. Be thoughtful and Give Back 

Spice up and take some risks with your marketing tactics.  Brainstorm a unique way to market your business that make you stand out from your competition. For example, you can promote special offerings such as donations and give back to the community with your products or services. Fitness classes are going virtual and online, restaurants are offering discount codes for takeout, small businesses are creating DIY kits and care packages, etc.

      3. Boost Your Online Presence

With social distancing in place and many businesses forced to close their store front, this is the best time to focus on taking your strategies digital by promoting your business offerings online. Having a strong online presence can help you build your brand and gain credibility to attract new customers.

Ways to be active and present on Social Media:

  • Start or join conversations on Facebook Groups and private DMs on Instagram
  • Utilize sponsored posts or paid ads
  • Post relevant and thoughtful content on a regular basis
  • Host an online contest to attract engagement
  • Promote special or limited-time offerings

Ways to be increase your brand online:

  • Optimize your e-commerce store to make it mobile-friendly
  • Incorporate keywords and backlinks to boost your SEO
  • Engage in online communities and forums
  • Improve user experience on your website
  • Send out emails to keep your customers updated

In these challenging times, digital marketing is often the last thing on people’s minds. But as marketers, we have to pay attention and respond accordingly in a responsible manner. For businesses seeing lower sales during the pandemic, take advantage of the down time to make improvements to your website design, focus on building up your SEO and optimizing your site’ UX for better conversation rates. By continuing and improving your marketing efforts during Covid-19, it can benefit you to learn more about your target audience and set yourself up for success post-coronavirus.




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