BrandingLogo Design Trends in 2020

Logo Design Trends in 2020

For a lot of companies, a strong logo is vital to its branding success. A memorable logo is what customers associate your brand with and serve as the face of your business without any words attached. Going into 2020, we highlighted the top three key trends in logo designs that may can help steer brands’ direction when thinking about developing or updating their logo.


There is no denying that we are already in the future and everything is digitally driven. In order to keep up in this digital space, brands should take into consideration on how their logos can evolve when it comes to thinking screen-first. High-tech, futuristic, minimalistic elements are leading the way when it comes to tailoring logo specifically for digital-first channels to showcase the brand’s vision of looking into the future. For example, Adidas hired Jeroen Krielaars to create a complex abstract animation for Adida’s revolutionary Boost.



Consumers demand increasingly high levels of both personality and authenticity from the brand they interact with. Raw designs that evoke a rustic feeling such as hand-drawn sketches that require the human touch will attract attention and memorability. While this is a direct contrast to high-tech sleek designs, many brand are embracing the raw and imperfect logo to showcase authentic craftsmanship. Kingdom & Sparrow’s rebranding for its Heritage Beer “Young’s” combined the rustic touch with a modern font to display a balance between the old and the new.


With all that is going on in the world right now, Nostalgia is here to stay. Consumers enjoy the emotional resonance of the good old days. Despite we are already living in a futuristic world, many of us crave the need to reminisce the retro vibes whether it is in the form of art, fashion, or entertainment. (Think 1970’s inspired Netflix hit “Stranger Things”) Cartoon and vintage elements inspired by the 1930s will be an emerging nostalgic trend going into 2020. Handcrafted comfort of expressive characters appeal to both brands and designers as they seek to connect with customers on a human level. Designers will want to consider incorporating touches of pastels, chrome, neon, and pixels when developing the logo design.

Examples below:

^ Old Pal and McBess Logo

Keep in mind that when you change your logo, you don’t want it to be due to a massive need a change because of a completely outdated look. A general guideline to stick to with redesigning your logo is avoid anything that is trendy because it won’t last forever. Too often brands choose a design that has a trendy look and feel and this can be a costly mistake. Think “Timeless”  that is classic with longevity and focus on a design that highlights “Simplicity” while showcasing your business’ core values. Lastly, don’t forget to select a color palette that will bring out the best of your brand.

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