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Effective Black Friday Email Marketing Tips and Examples

Did you know that Black Friday shoppers spent a total of $7.4 billion online while Cyber Monday sales topped $9.4 billion last year? This year with the uncertainty of Coronavirus, we may expect these numbers to grow even more as consumers choose to shop from the safety of their homes. As we get closer to the two of the biggest shopping days of the year, brands must step up in their email marketing game to catch the attention of their audience when they are looking for deals and promotions during the holiday season.

Planning your BFCM emails don’t have to be difficult. Below are some of our favorite marketing email tips and examples to inspire you to create an effective email campaign.

1. Keep it simple 

Herschel’s minimalist Black Friday email gets straight to the point with the most important information about their sale with direct call to action. The bold font draws attention to the essential discounts and the use of negative space emphasizes the deals on offer. Having phrases like “Our Only Sale Of the Year” and “While quantities last” also creates an urgency for readers to act quickly.


Casper, a mattress company, also gets straight to the point with its short and punchy line and reveal the discount immediately in the headline and center of the image.

2. Use gifs to boost engagement

Carhartt used a clever gif and added energy to their email with this animation of blinds opening to reveal that their Black Friday sale has begun. The simple design catches viewers attention immediately despite not revealing the information about the discounts.


Forever 21 uses this scratch card design to reveal discounts subscribers could earn by shopping with them. This gif both builds anticipation and adds an element of fun that encourages them to click through.

3. Add a discount to your welcome email 

Switch up your usual welcome email with a holiday themed or limited-time promotion during the holidays. Welcome emails with offers have a 2.5 times higher transaction rate than those without. You can save time by creating a holiday welcome email and automating it so you can maximize your reach when new customers sign up during the holiday season.

Kate Spade opens up with thanking the subscriber for signing up and shows appreciation by offering a discount. It’s a warm gesture that demonstrates to the subscriber that the company doesn’t just thank you, they show their gratitude through actions.

4. Offer prizes with purchase 

Consider offering your subscribers a free gift/money value with a purchase. Huckberry’s “Golden Holiday” features 30 days of giveaways that is worth $250K in prizes, including the grand prize of a Casper mattress and the “Golden Ticket” to a trip to Antarctica. The daily giveaways are also an incentive for subscribers to check their inbox for upcoming announcements and offers an appeal to target audience thus enticing them to buy. If you don’t have the budget to provide high-value gifts, pick a few products to giveaway to your social media followers on Cyber Monday. Announce the giveaways via email and provide links to the social channels you plan to use for the giveaways.

5. Display your products 

Viewers are more likely to click on your call-to-action button if they see the actual product images inside your emails. Crossnet, an outdoor volleyball-like game, created a visual email that shows off their product in a fun way. If you have rolled out a new product or service, promote it as part of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale. It’s a great opportunity to tell subscribers about something new while offering a discount that encourages sale.

6. Offer free shipping 

Free shipping is not always a guarantee even though consumers are used to Amazon Prime Day. Offering free shipping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one of the most popular offers for converting customers. For premium brands like Aesop, instead of focusing on big discounts, it uses quality images with descriptions that are short and sweet as well as multiple CTAs to explore the products while bolded its “complimentary standard shipping”. The email design also reflects its theme with a illustration and calming colors, which is a breath of fresh air among the the mass of Black Friday Sales emails.



7. Create a gift guide

Gift guide themed emails see a 48% higher transaction rate than purely promotional emails. You can create an attractive gift guide by using categories based on gender, price point, or product color. In this Madewell gift guide, the subject line of “Gift Well” cleverly captures the spirit of the holiday season.

Engaging your audience is a long-term process that begins with the signup, continues with the welcome email, and the content you send subscribers throughout their relationship with your business. Keep your content consistent in voice and tone and always display compelling visuals to keep your audience engaged.




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