Media UpdatesEarth Day Marketing Campaigns 2020

Earth Day Marketing Campaigns 2020

If we all cared enough, everyday would be #earthday. At least we have one day, 22 April, to thank for and appreciate what Mother Earth has been giving to us. This year will mark the the 50th year of Earth Day.

Needless to say 2020 has hit us hard with Mother Earth’s desperate need to get our attention. Forest fires in Australia, pandemic outbreak across the globe, locust invasion in East Africa and who knows what is coming up next. More than ever, people from all over the world miss going to parks, walking in nature, and simply being outdoors.

As the world tries work together to stay alive, Covid-19 has caused significant and positive change in digital marketing. Brands and companies are adapting quickly to consumers’ needs and behavior with environmental concerns being more and more essential. Gen Y and Z are trying to educate into a 100% reusable culture, triggering brands to create an impression when it comes to sustainability. There is no better time to step up and bridge between the environment and the digital space than now.

Here are our round up of creative EarthDay campaigns, ads, and media efforts to feel inspired to go green:

1) Apple: Don’t Mess With Mother (2019)


Apple never fails us when it comes to creating eye-catching images through color, action and vibrant photography. In this short, the brand dials up its resolution on mobile-shot videos with “Don’t Mess With Mother”, an intense sequence of stunning imageries inspired by our world to witness just how powerful  Mother Nature can be.

2) NASA – Virtual Earth Day Panels 


Science enthusiasts rejoice! NASA is throwing an entire online celebration beginning Thursday, April 16. On Thursday, viewers can enjoy at-home science activities, videos from space, and online lectures from its Pasadena Jet Propulsion Lab. On Earth Day itself, NASA will broadcast a panel of experts to discuss how the company is working to improve the environment. It airs at 3 p.m. ET on NASA TV, YouTube Premium, Facebook’s Watch Party and Periscope/Twitter.

3) Unilever Beauty Brand Pure Line – “Maybe This Is Our Last Chance?” 

In a spot that smartly blends Mother’s Day and Earth Day, the brand asked women the question, “If today were the last day to say something to your mother, what would you say to her?” They then asked the same question, but for Mother Earth. The result was a touching, surprising and emotional video that reflected Pure Line’s commitment to taking care of nature and the environment.

4) Hyundai – “Dark Selfie Challenge”

Hyundai started a selfie challenge on social media platforms for Earth Day in which you show yourself in the dark to shed light on climate change and environmental protection. Here are the steps to follow if you want to participate:

1. Turn off all the lights and take a selfie with the flash on.
2. Upload your photo with hashtags #DarkSelfieChallenge #EarthDay and tag
3. Tag your friends and get them involved for the chance to win an exclusive prize from BTS, South Korean music band. The winners will be announced on 8 May.

5) Microsoft – Earth Day Theme for Windows 10 

Microsoft released more than 10 4K themed wallpaper packs for Windows 10, including stunning photography of places around the world to increase the need to appreciate Mother Earth. You can personalize your Windows 10 with Earth Day Themes of Microsoft.

6) Best Buy – Sustainable Living

Best Buy has accumulated a bevy of tech products to support Earth Day under its new Sustainable Living section online. The page features five categories: Gardening and composting, green transportation, renewable energy, resource conservation, and outdoor recreation. Each group has suggested sustainable products to buy, as well as statistics on the impact these initiatives could have on the environment.

Now so more than ever, people have been forced by nature to realize the importance of the environment. Staying indoors is enabling us to realize one more time that we must be kind to our planet. According to the official Earth Day site, the theme for this year’s Earth day is climate action. The mission is to encourage individuals and organization around the world to continue moving toward a zero-carbon future that makes our world more sustainable. We are looking forward to see how brands, no matter big or small, step up this year to address climate change and encourage others to take action through creative marketing campaigns.


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