AdsBrilliant Holiday 2020 Marketing Campaigns

Brilliant Holiday 2020 Marketing Campaigns

The holiday season is officially here and this year is a lot more unusual than the others. As the pandemic has created isolation from friend and family, brands are tasked to spread the joyous holiday spirit in a more relatable way to embrace the “new norm” in hopes to connect with viewers. According to Ace Metrix, after testing more than 300 holiday-themed ads, the majority of this year’s successful campaigns focused on a more heartfelt, wholesome, soothing and energetic content. We’ve summed up a few of our top picks for this year’s holiday campaigns that have referenced the pandemic in a sensitive way while brought forth a heart-warming message.

1. “Nana” – Etsy 

Etsy had one of the most COVID-19 conscience holiday campaigns. “Nana” captured the essence of this year’s physical separation during the holidays, especially with grandparents. Despite not being able to spend Christmas together, a thoughtful and personalized gift can go a long way, as shown in this relatable and heartfelt ad.

2.”Dear Best Buy” – Best Buy 

Not only has Covid-19 impacted on the ad content, but because of the lockdowns, many film productions had to rely more on animation. The “Dear Best Buy” campaign was created using stop-motion animation with sets and characters that authentically represent the diversity of the community and reflect the unique aspects of life in 2020 that we are going through. Each ad begins with a customer asking Best Buy for holiday gifting advice, then, a knowledgeable Best Buy employee provides some helpful recommendations just like how you would experience in stores. We adore this charming spot called “Silver Linings” as a sweet young girl shares how she knows what presents to get for each of her family member since she got to spend a lot more time together at home this year.

3. “Give With All Your Heart” – Kohl’s 

Kohl’s “Give With All Your Heart” commercial takes viewers on the journey of a young girl and her neighbor forming a friendship over the course of the lockdown. This touching ad portrays how this year, rather than wishing for presents, we are now wishing for happiness, understanding and kindness more than ever. And a reminder that time spent together is the greatest gift of all.

4. “The Show Must Go On” – Amazon 

Amazon has outdone itself by creating a masterpiece short that is brilliant, beautiful and bold. The 2 minute vid features a 17-year old French ballet dancer who goes through the emotional challenges, heartbreaks, and triumphs of the pandemic life in 2020. Amazon was able to literally shine light to make things happen (in this case, the ballet show) despite the difficulties the pandemic have presented to us. Simon Morris, vice president of global creative at Amazon, said the campaign is meant to represent the resilience of our global community. ”

5. “Take Care of Yourself” – DocMorris 

Dutch pharmacy company DocMorris’ Christmas ad has become a viral hit and has been hailed “the best this year” by social media users. The lovely heart-warming advert follows the story of an old man and his daily fitness regime repeatedly lifting a kettlebell throughout the winter season to achieve his goal. We don’t want to spoil it, but its definitely a tearjerker.

6. “The Greatest Gift” – Xfinity

Marketing with humor in this year’s holiday campaign is particularly tricky since brands don’t want to be appear insensitive to the pandemic. But Xfinity’s ad brought in just the right kinds of laughs with Steve Carell starring as Santa Claus to ring in the message of togetherness. The last line sums up what this year has brought upon us and remind viewers to appreciate moments rather  that are spent with loved ones rather than materials – ‘This year has been harder than ever, and yet somehow you all found a way to pull it off. You reminded us it’s not about the toys. It’s about the little things.”

7. 2020 Stinks, Even for Santa –

Poo-Pourri’s takes on a more daring approach and went full humor in its holiday campaign this year. The ad brilliantly narrates how the year 2020 stank, even for Santa, and manages to tie in its product-related messaging without being irrelevant to the rest of the ad. “Merry Spritzmas to all!”


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