Marketing Strategy5 Brands That Capture Their Personality Perfectly Through Visual Content Marketing

5 Brands That Capture Their Personality Perfectly Through Visual Content Marketing

If “Content is King”, then Visual Content must be queen. The queen can be almost, if not even more so powerful than a king.  Sometimes a memorable visual can stand alone to capture the essence of a brand campaign with little to no text.  In order for a brand to stand out, visual branding must be clear, creative, and consistent throughout its social media channels. Visual content marketing is about conveying the feeling and creating that space for your audience to connect with your brand.  It’s about telling your story in an emotional and engaging way. There’s nothing like good visual branding to brighten up our day, so here’s a round-up of brands that have produced outstanding visuals to achieve content marketing success.


Headspace, a meditation app, charmingly uses a combination of inspirational quotes and cheery illustrated characters in a pastel color tone to convey their mission of “less stress, more joy”. They also produce short and sweet videos that act as constantly reminders to stay calm and carry on. Naturally, their mindful brand identity extends to their website facebook, and instagram to provide a cohesive experience.


2. Chobani

Chobani stepped up their visual identity as a yogurt brand by using colorful backdrop that allows their non-GMO ingredients/ fruit to pop. Their instagram is packed with fun illustrations while their Pinterest is filled with colorful digital collages of how to incorporate their yogurt unique dishes. Chobani also has a cafe in SoHo New York that serves a variety of sweet and savory creations that brings out the best in yogurt.

4. Maelove

Maelove is a young skincare start up that offers quality products without the high marketing mark up. Their brand identity focuses on simplicity and that vibe transcends through their minimal packaging and a clean and simple website and IG. Maelove’s direct-to-consumer approach cuts out the marketing costs and focuses more on developing quality products, naturally accomplishing their mission of producing elite skincare that is accessible to everyone.

5. NOC Coffee.Co

NOC, stands for “Not Only Coffee” is an artisan crafted coffee shop located in Hong Kong that serves healthy breakfast and brunch in beautiful spaces. Their brand identity is beautifully constructed in simplicity across their cafes, website, social accounts, and merchandise. Just from their website we want to try their in-house roasted coffee instantly!







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